Optimal utilization of Covid-19 vaccine vials


Zero Residual™ Overview

  • Dutch product that easily guarantees 7.5 doses per Pfizer-BioNTech vial (protocol available by the Dutch Institute of Health)
  • No residual volume allows to obtain 1.5 extra doses per Pfizer-BioNTech vial
  • Originally developed for expensive medicines that require low residual volume
  • A product by SJJ Solutions B.V. (patented technology and CE approved)
  • Proven concept that is already being used in the Netherlands and Germany on large scale
  • Ability to supply millions of syringes and needles per month
  • Increasing vaccination capacity & speed, while reducing costs
  • Sustainable concept, minimizing waste throughout the chain

COVID-19 Statement

At Zero Residual, our mission has always been to reduce medicine waste. Never has this been more critical than today given the supply challenges/restrictions of COVID-19 vaccines. The current standard is 5 treatments per vial of Pfizer vaccine. The vials, syringes, and needles all have a residual volume that contribute to medicine waste. Zero Residual’s cutting-edge technology allows healthcare providers the ability to increase the number of treatments per single vial. The Zero Residual™ concept is able to provide up to 50% improvement, making it possible to prepare up to 7.5 vaccinations per vial instead of 5 per vial when using standard equipment.

Because Pfizer’s vaccine dosage of 0.3mL falls within the range of the Zero Residual syringe,we have the opportunity to significantly reduce medicine waste by increasing the number of vaccinations out of an equivalent vial.

The Zero Residual™ syringes and needles have been widely used in Europe for many years. The current primary application of this syringe is eye injections, which require small dosage and high accuracy.

Zero Residual™ Luer Slip Syringe

The Syringe in combination with the needle has a low residual volume (>0.0005ml), which gives an optimal return of medication. The small inner diameter of the barrel in combination with a low friction plunger ensures accurate dosage control. The syringe is manufactured using high grade medical materials and a minimal amount of silicon is applied.

Zero Residual™ 23G (or 25G) 1” Needle

The Zero Residual™ 23G (or 25G) 1” needle has been developed for administering the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine. The innovative design ensures that there is no dead volume inside the hub when placed on a Zero Residual™ syringe.


  • The Zero Residual™ syringe is the only syringe in the world that has a detachable needle and has no residual volume after injection.

  • The Zero Residual™ syringe was originally designed to administer small dosage eye medicine (0.05mL) accurately.

  • The Zero Residual™ syringe is five times more accurate than standard 1mL syringes.

  • The Zero Residual™ syringe provides easy and efficient pre-fill capability at point of care due to its Luer Lock or Luer Slip design.

  • The Zero Residual™ needle is available in varying gauges and lengths allowing for flexibility at point of care.

  • The Zero Residual™ concept offers a more sustainable option because of the efficiencies throughout the entire process from manufacturing to injection.