Zero to no residual volume is left behind in the Zero Residual™ syringe. That is why we can take 7 doses from a single vial instead of 5


This syringe manufacturer is able to withdraw 7 doses of pfizer vaccine from a single vial

But the inspector does not want it.

This week, the European Medicine Agency approved that 6 doses can be withdrawn from a single vial of the Pfizer-vaccine instead of 5. According to Jasper Schootstra of SJJ Solutions it is possible to achieve 7 from a single vial.

With a special syringe, which does not have residual volume, according to Schootstra it is possible to take 7 doses from a single vial instead of 5.

No residual volume

Together with his brother, he explains the advantage: “Since there is zero to no residual volume remaining in the syringe, the scarce vaccine can be utilized in an optimal way and more dosages can be obtained.”

The family business based in Leiden (The Netherlands) consists of three brothers broadened the horizons of their fathers’ invention. “He used to be a hospital pharmacist and invented a special syringe that we continued improving”, Schootstra said. Until now, the special syringe has only been utilized for eye medication, but according to the brothers the syringe can also be used for the corona vaccines.

No response from the government

In December, it was announced that the Pfizer vaccine would be the first vaccine used in the Netherlands, they tried to contact the ministry of health and the National Institute for Health and Environment in order to promote their special syringe. “Despite multiple attempts, we weren’t able to get a foot in the door.”

Given the interest for their design, it will be possible to scale up the manufacturing capacity of the syringes, according to Schootstra. “All the vaccines will not be delivered at the same time, so we will be able to supply potential future demand” The Institute for Health and Environment has already ordered 25 million other syringes.

Instructions are clear

The institute for health and youth care states a warning that it is not the aim to get more than 6 doses from one vial. “It is unwise to take 7 doses from a single vial. You have to work very accurately to be able to take 7 doses from a vial and it is very important that the patients receive the right dose of 0.3ml”. says Korrie Louwes

The head inspector for social care refers to the IFU, which states that you should take no more that 6 doses from a vial. “The instructions are clear, follow them.”

Marc Kaptein, medical director of Pfizer, emphasizes that it is most important that everyone receives the prescribed 0.3ml dose of the vaccine. “it is very specialized work to really get seven doses from a vial, with the syringes that the RIVM has purchased that is not possible anyway. It is especially important that you dose the right amount.”